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Stewart Island is the third major island of New Zealand, but much smaller than the North and South Islands. It is a good place to see wildlife, especially the kiwi. I was only there on a day-trip, so my explorations were limited.
Stewart Island, Observation Rock, View0815193Stewart Island, Golden Bay0815207Stewart Island, Golden Bay0815221Stewart Island, Golden Bay0815223Stewart Island, Halfmoon Bay, Dock0815434Stewart Island, Halfmoon Bay0815448aStewart Island, Oban, Kid Playing0815422Stewart Island, Oban, Playground0815458Stewart Island, Oban, Statue0815187Stewart Island, Observation Rock, View0815191Stewart Island, Flowers0815383aStewart Island, Fuschia Tr0815405Stewart Island, Fuschia Tr0815406Stewart Island, Golden Bay, Boathouses0815210Stewart Island, Golden Bay0815201Stewart Island, Golden Bay0815203Stewart Island, Golden Bay0815214Stewart Island, Halfmoon Bay V0815436Stewart Island, Halfmoon Bay, Boat0815437aStewart Island, Halfmoon Bay, Dock0815442

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