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Honningsvag is a coastal town on the northern coast of Norway. It claims to be the northernmost city in the world, but that really depends on how you define the word "city". It is the gateway for cruise ship passengers to visit the North Cape.
Honningsvag, Dog Monument V1041697Honningsvag, Harbor, Boat1041724aHonningsvag, Harbor, Boats1041705Honningsvag, Harbor, Boats1041715Honningsvag, Harbor, Boats1041719Honningsvag, Harbor, Boats1041727aHonningsvag, Harbor, Boats1041731aHonningsvag, Harbor, Boats1041741Honningsvag, Harbor, Boats1041747Honningsvag, Harbor, Boats1041750Honningsvag, Harbor, Boats1041754aHonningsvag, Harbor, Boats1041755aHonningsvag, Harbor, Boats1041756Honningsvag, Harbor, Boats1041759aHonningsvag, Harbor, Lighthouse1041770aHonningsvag, Harbor, SOO1041763Honningsvag, Lighthouse1041768Honningsvag, Park, Sculpture1041734aHonningsvag, Rope V1041709aHonningsvag, Sculpture V1041710a

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