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This amazing building was an Orthodox or Catholic church for nearly 1100 years, and then a mosque for another five hundred years, before being converted into a museum about eighty years ago. At the time it was built, it was the largest building in the world and held that title for over a millennium, losing it ultimately to the Seville Cathedral in Spain. It is the most famous sight in Istanbul, Turkey, which has its own page on this website.
Istanbul, Aya SofyaIstanbul, Aya Sofya1015708Istanbul, Aya Sofya1015712Istanbul, Aya Sofya1015785Istanbul, Aya Sofya1015792Istanbul, Aya Sofya1015847Istanbul, Aya Sofya S -9586Istanbul, Aya Sofya, Int S V-9573Istanbul, Aya Sofya, Ceiling S -9574Istanbul, Aya Sofya S -9575Istanbul, Aya Sofya, Empress Zoe Mosaic S -9576Istanbul, Aya Sofya, Saffolding S V-9577Istanbul, Aya Sofya1016181Istanbul, Aya Sofya, Int1016126Istanbul, Aya Sofya, Int1016141Istanbul, Aya Sofya, Int1016144Istanbul, Aya Sofya, Int V1016106Istanbul, Aya Sofya, Int V1016114Istanbul, Aya Sofya, Int V1016115Istanbul, Aya Sofya, Int V1016116

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