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Fira is the largest village on the Greek island of Santorini. Santorini is famous for the bright blue skies and it almost never rains there. Except when I am there. The first time I visited Santorini I was stranded there for three days in what they called the storm of the century. These images were from a more recent visit, when it rained most of the time I was there, but there was a bit of sun just toward the end.
Santorini, Fira Mannequins1017576Santorini, Fira1017758aSantorini, Fira, Donkey Handlers1017596aSantorini, Fira, Steps, Donkeys V1017656Santorini, Fira, Steps, Donkeys1017608aSantorini, Fira, Steps, Donkeys1017633Santorini, Fira, Steps, Donkeys1017663Santorini, Fira1017558Santorini, Fira V1017738Santorini, Fira, Archeological Mus, Frescoe V1017537aSantorini, Fira, Archeological Mus, Frescoe V1017539aSantorini, Fira, Archeological Mus, Frescoes1017540aSantorini, Fira, Archeological Mus1017536aSantorini, Fira, Bell Tower V1017751aSantorini, Fira, Church Bells1017784aSantorini, Fira, Church Dome1017554Santorini, Fira, Church Dome1017744aSantorini, Fira, Clock Tower V1017740aSantorini, Fira, Cruise Ships1017626aSantorini, Fira, Cruise Ships1017636

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