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Waitangi is where the New Zealand we know today first began. This is where the treaty was signed between the Europeans representing the English crown and the Maori tribes. (Actually, it sounds like it was two different treaties depending on which language's version you look at). A Waitangi Day celebration is held each year and some of these images are from one of those.
Waitangi, Waitangi Day Celebration, Maori Welcome1114855aWaitangi, Waitangi Day, Waka Ceremony1114781Waitangi, Waitangi Day, Waka Ceremony1114842aWaitangi, Waitangi Day, Waka Ceremony1114789aWaitangi, Waitangi Day, Waka Ceremony1114885aWaitangi, Waitangi Day, Bridge Jumpers0936930Waitangi, Jumping f Bridge V1114735bWaitangi, Jumping f Bridge V1114743aWaitangi, Te Whare Runanga Meeting House0735174Waitangi, Waitangi Day Celebration, Baby V1114757Waitangi, Waitangi Day Celebration, Hangi1114716Waitangi, Waitangi Day0936853aWaitangi, Waitangi Day V0936880Waitangi, Waitangi Day0936863Waitangi, Boats0734062Waitangi, Boats1114896aWaitangi, Canoe Carving V0735161Waitangi, Canoe House Carving V0735158Waitangi, Canoe House Carving V0735159Waitangi, Canoe0735150

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