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The Orkney Islands are just off the Northeast coast of mainland Scotland. They have some interesting remnants of ancient Neolithic civilizations, such as the Ring of Brodgar, a circular set of standing stones, and Skara Brae, ruins of an old village.
Kirkwall, Boats1040021aOrkney Islands, Countryside, Church1039966aOrkney Islands, Countryside, Farm1039822aOrkney Islands, Countryside1039841aOrkney Islands, Countryside1040005aOrkney Islands, Cow1039859aOrkney Islands, Farm Equip1039916aOrkney Islands, Old Bus1040011aOrkney Islands, Ring of Brodgar1039928aOrkney Islands, Ring of Brodgar1039933aOrkney Islands, Ring of Brodgar1039945aOrkney Islands, Ring of Brodgar1039955aOrkney Islands, Ring of Brodgar1039959aOrkney Islands, Skaill House1039908Orkney Islands, Skaill House1039910aOrkney Islands, Skara Brae1039865Orkney Islands, Standing Stones of Stennes V1039971aOrkney Islands, Standing Stones of Stennes1039969aKirkwall, Bldgs1039809aKirkwall, Boat1039808a

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