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The Corinth canal effectively connects the Agean Sea with the Adriatic Sea, separating the Peloponnesian Peninsula from the mainland of Greece. It is about four miles long and was built in the late 1800s, but today is too narrow for most commercial vessels.
Corinth Canal V1018449Corinth Canal V1018494Corinth Canal V1018488Corinth Canal V1018503Corinth Canal V1018525Corinth Canal, Boat Shadow1018535Corinth Canal, Boat Shadow1018537Corinth Canal, West End1018540Corinth Canal, West End1018545Corinth Canal, West End1018561Corinth Canal1018444Corinth Canal1018457Corinth Canal1018462Corinth Canal1018480Corinth Canal1018483Corinth Canal1018498Corinth Canal1018519Corinth, Acrocorinth1018549Corinth, Beach1018601Corinth, Fountain V1018588

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