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Xel Ha is one of the activity resorts along the Caribbean coast of Mexico. It is a very popular excursion for cruise ship passengers, sometimes in combination with Tulum.
Xel-Ha, Display021115-0097Xel-Ha, Dolphins021115-0121aXel-Ha, Dolphins021115-0119aXel-Ha, Fish021115-0101aXel-Ha, Fish021115-0104aXel-Ha, Floating Br, V021115-0111Xel-Ha, Iguana021115-0048aXel-Ha, Macaw, V021115-0089Xel-Ha, Macaw, V021115-0090aXel-Ha, Macaw021115-0077Xel-Ha, Macaws, V021115-0076aXel-Ha, Macaws, V021115-0083aXel-Ha, Macaws, V021115-0093aXel-Ha, Macaws021115-0080Xel-Ha, Macaws021115-0095aXel-Ha, Man on Tower021115-0129aXel-Ha, Snorklers021115-0114aXel-Ha, Snorkling021115-0098aXel-Ha, Swimming w Dolphins021115-0054aXel-Ha, Swimming w Dolphins021115-0055a

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