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Kastro is an old Medieval and Venetian cliff-top village on the island of Sifnos in Greece.
Sifnos, Kastro, Church1017062aSifnos, Kastro, Church Bells V1017021Sifnos, Kastro, Church Bells1017013aSifnos, Kastro, Church Bells1017026aSifnos, Kastro, Church Cross V1017017Sifnos, Kastro, Churches1017162aSifnos, Kastro, Street, Priest1017107Sifnos, Kastro, Street1017035aSifnos, Kastro, Woman on Balcony1017132Sifnos, Kastro, Balcony1017037Sifnos, Kastro, Bar Display1016982Sifnos, Kastro, Bldg1017069Sifnos, Kastro, Bldg1017124Sifnos, Kastro, Bldg1017130Sifnos, Kastro, Chairs1016986Sifnos, Kastro, Church Bell V1017008Sifnos, Kastro, Church Bells1017005Sifnos, Kastro, Church Bells1017030Sifnos, Kastro, Church Bells1017143Sifnos, Kastro, Church V1017065

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