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Cotswolds, Bibury, Phone Booth S V-4150Burton on the Water131-1097Chipping Norton131-0996Stow on the Wold131-1008Burton on the Water131-1093Stow on the Wold131-1009Upper Slaughter, Stream131-1089Stow on the Wold131-1018Stow on the Wold131-1019Stow on the Wold, Royalist Hotel131-1025Lower Slaughter, Church V131-1026Lower Slaughter, Couple on Church Bench131-1031Lower Slaughter131-1033Lower Slaughter131-1042Lower Slaughter131-1052Lower Slaughter131-1067Lower Slaughter131-1073Upper Slaughter, Lords of the Manor131-1092Burton on the Water131-1102Chipping Norton, Inn V131-0993

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