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An early morning balloon rally at Parque de Vida in Cortez, Colorado, in August 2013
Cortez, Balloon Festival131-5163Cortez, Balloon Festival131-5126Cortez, Balloon Festival131-5196Cortez, Balloon Festival131-5236Cortez, Balloon Festival131-5128Cortez, Balloon Festival V131-5211Cortez, Balloon Festival131-5100Cortez, Balloon Festival131-5170Cortez, Balloon Festival V131-5112Cortez, Balloon Festival131-5142Cortez, Balloon Festival131-5177Cortez, Balloon Festival131-5153Cortez, Balloon Festival131-5232Cortez, Balloon Festival131-5157Cortez, Balloon Festival131-5210Cortez, Balloon Festival V131-5072Cortez, Balloon Festival131-5073Cortez, Balloon Festival131-5075Cortez, Balloon Festival131-5076Cortez, Balloon Festival V131-5077

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