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Kittery, Boats, Whaleback Light030107-0719aKittery, f Ft McClary030107-0699Kittery, Fort McClary, Stairs030107-0693Kittery, Fort McClary030107-0686Kittery, Fort McClary030107-0690aKittery, Fort McClary030107-0697Kittery, Ft McClary0470545Kittery, Lobster Trap030107-0717aKittery, Old CG Station0470537Kittery, Ports Nav Shpyrd, Prison0470149Kittery, Ports Nav Shpyrd0470555Kittery, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, V030619-2643Kittery, Whaleback Light0470176Kittery, Whaleback Light0470179aKittery, Whaleback Light0470533Kittery, Whaleback Light0470541bNewcastle, Whaleback Light030107-0707aKittery, Ft McClary121-1209Kittery, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Jail150-8763Kittery, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Prison160-4360

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Marty Vega(non-registered)
Shame to see the old buildings just abandoned and falling apart.
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