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The waterfalls less than an hour down hill from Supai are incredible. The water is a vivid blue color due to the travertine, a mineral that tends to build up the falls. The water stays a near constant temperature year round. These are located on the Havasupai reservation just west of the Grand Canyon National Park. To get there you either need to take a helicopter to Supai, or hike about 9 miles or so down the canyon. It is well worth it. A few of the pictures are from a wedding that was going on while I was there - what a beautiful place for a wedding!
Supai, Havasu Falls V160-1857Supai, Havasu Falls V160-1885Supai, Havasu Falls V160-1903Supai, Havasu Falls V160-1882Supai, Havasu Falls V160-1900Supai, Havasu Falls V160-1917Supai, Havasu Falls V160-1922Supai, Havasu Falls V160-1863Supai, Havasu Falls V160-1874Supai, Havasu Falls, Wedding V160-2340Supai, Havasu Falls, Wedding V160-2345Supai, Havasu Falls, Wedding V160-2349Supai, Havasu Falls, Wedding160-2325Supai, Havasu Falls160-1848Supai, Havasu Falls160-1861Supai, Havasu Falls160-1901Supai, Havasu Falls160-1962Supai, Horse on Trail160-1984Supai, Little Navajo Falls160-1765Supai, Little Navajo Falls160-1788

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Thanks for giving the reason for such incredible blue water. That was one crazy bride!
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