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New Castle is an old colonial town along the north coast of New Hampshire, next to the city of Portsmouth. It was the site of one of the first aggressive acts of the American Revolution, when American rebels captured and then stole the arms and ammunition from Fort William and Mary, later known as Fort Constitution.
New Castle, Great Island Common, Whaleback Light030619-2766New Castle, Great Island Common030619-2765New Castle, Lighthouse030619-2711New Castle, Wentworth by the Sea121-1163New Castle, Wentworth by the Sea121-1170New Castle, Ft Constitution, Owl V121-1212New Castle, Lighthouse030619-2770aNew Castle, Lighthouse0470162New Castle, Ft Constitution Lighthouse121-1232New Castle, Seagull030619-2777aNew Castle, Ft Constitution121-1202New Castle, Boats in Fog, V030619-2735New Castle, Boats in Fog030619-2727New Castle, Boats in Fog030619-2742New Castle, Boats030619-2692aNew Castle, Dock030619-2762New Castle, Ft Constitution, Sign030619-2694New Castle, Great Island Common030619-2751aNew Castle, Lighthouse, V030619-2713New Castle, Lighthouse, V030619-2721

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