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Little Diomede Island, containing the small Inupiat village of Inalik, is one of two small islands in the middle of the Bering Sea between the narrowest strait of water between Russia and the United States. The smaller of the two islands is part of Alaska, while the larger, uninhabited island of Big Diomede, just over two miles away, is part of Russia. The International Date Line separates these islands. The big island used to be inhabited during the cold war, and unfortunately, the populations of each island were pawns used by each side during a war that really did not have anything to do with them.
Little Diomede, Girls020611-1452aLittle Diomede020611-1495Little Diomede V020611-1428Little Diomede, Boat Frame020611-1494Little Diomede, Boy, Roof020611-1474Little Diomede, Boy020611-1502aLittle Diomede, Girl and Dog020611-1426Little Diomede, Girl020611-1425Little Diomede, Girl020611-1485Little Diomede, Girls020611-1480aLittle Diomede, Show020611-1490Little Diomede, Show020611-1491aLittle Diomede, Skull020611-1445Little Diomede, Tractor020611-1469Little Diomede, Tusks020611-1456Little Diomede, Walrus Meat020611-1434Little Diomede020609-1364Little Diomede020611-1438Little Diomede020611-1458Little Diomede020611-1478

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