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Cripple Creek is an old mining town that was more recently revitalized as a casino town. There are lots of old mines and mining artifacts to see in the surrounding countryside.
Cripple Creek, Bldg Facade1010590Cripple Creek, Bldg, Flags1010574Cripple Creek, Bldg1010569Cripple Creek, Bldg1010582Cripple Creek, Bldgs1010577Cripple Creek, CC and Victor RR, Tank V1010619Cripple Creek, CC and Victor RR, Tank1010621Cripple Creek, City Hall0738985Cripple Creek, House0737769Cripple Creek, House1010612Cripple Creek, Lamp, Shadow1010560Cripple Creek, Mannequin on Bench1010616Cripple Creek, Mannequin1010586Cripple Creek, Mine V1010627Cripple Creek, Mine, Machinery1010640Cripple Creek, Mine1010632Cripple Creek, Mural V1010568Cripple Creek, Mural1010571Cripple Creek, Mural1010584Cripple Creek, Ore Cart1010557

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