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Leadville, Kobe, Fence and Sheds1011194Leadville, Tabor Opera House V1011080Leadville, Malta, Schoolhouse1011054Granite, Arkansas R1010912Granite, Mastercharge Sign V1010893Leadville, North, Swingset1011277Granite, Signs V1010862Leadville Area, Elk on Hillside1011155aRed Cliff, House1011313aRed Cliff1011322Red Cliff, Rt 24 Bridge1011299Leadville, Harrison Ave1011089Twin Lakes, Wheel in Snow1010971Arkansas R, RR Bridge V1010924Arkansas R, RR Bridge1010917Gilman, nr, Mine Housing1011440Granite, Arkansas R V1010888Granite, Arkansas R V1010911Granite, Arkansas R1010878Granite, Arkansas R1010882

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