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Bloomfield, Salmon Ruins, Bldg030629-3005Bloomfield, Salmon Ruins, Flags, V030629-3056Bloomfield, Salmon Ruins, Flowering Cactus030629-3049aBloomfield, Salmon Ruins, Homestead030629-3008Bloomfield, Salmon Ruins, Kiva030629-3024Bloomfield, Salmon Ruins, Kiva030629-3036Bloomfield, Salmon Ruins, Museum030629-3043Bloomfield, Salmon Ruins, Museum030629-3050Bloomfield, Salmon Ruins, Rabbit030629-3002aBrazos Cliffs030719-5077Brazos Pass, Clouds030719-5074Brazos Pass, Tree, V030719-5073Brazos Pass030719-5076Chamas, Mural030719-5068aFour Corners Navajo Monument030705-4078aFour Corners, New Mexico, Sign030705-4086aLa Cueva, La Iglesia de San Acacio, V030720-5693La Cueva, La Iglesia de San Acacio, V030720-5695Monero, Wagon030719-5066NW New Mexico, Excavation, Aerial View1120069a

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