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These are images of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. This was back when the bypass bridge was being constructed.
Hoover Dam S -3980Hoover Dam150-7431Hoover Dam, Looking Down S -3978Hoover Dam0748805bHoover Dam V0748824Hoover Dam V0748830aHoover Dam V0748855Hoover Dam, Aerial0470674bHoover Dam, Lake Mead0748793Hoover Dam, New Bridge Construction0748776Hoover Dam, Parking Garage Steps V0748853aHoover Dam, Statues V0748835aHoover Dam, Statues V0748837Hoover Dam, Statues V0748840Hoover Dam, Statues V0748841aHoover Dam, Statues V0748849aHoover Dam0748786aHoover Dam0748791Hoover Dam0748799Hoover Dam0748821

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