Alta was an old mining town and the first place to use alternating electrical current for industrial use. Not much left of the town, but a beautiful setting and a few crumbling structures.
Alta, Ruins131-6092Alta, Alta Lakes Rd131-6035Alta, Ruins131-6102Alta, Ruins131-6096Alta, Ruins131-6093Alta, Ruins V131-6052Alta, Ruins V131-6049Alta, Ruins131-6043Alta, Ruins131-6073Alta, Ruins131-6115Alta, Ruins131-6081Alta, Alta Lakes Rd131-6036Alta, Ruins131-6038Alta, Ruins131-6039Alta, Ruins131-6040Alta, Ruins131-6046Alta, Ruins131-6047Alta, Ruins V131-6048Alta, Ruins V131-6051Alta, Ruins131-6054

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