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Cathedral Gorge is a set of badlands where the erosion has created an interesting variety of sandstone scultures.
Cathedral Gorge SP, Flowers0468356Cathedral Gorge SP, V0468369Cathedral Gorge SP, V0468375Cathedral Gorge SP, V0468384Cathedral Gorge SP, V0468387Cathedral Gorge SP, V0468412Cathedral Gorge SP, V0468447Cathedral Gorge SP, V0468458Cathedral Gorge SP, V0468488Cathedral Gorge SP, V0468501Cathedral Gorge SP, V0468520Cathedral Gorge SP, V0468524Cathedral Gorge SP, V0468529Cathedral Gorge SP, V0468570Cathedral Gorge SP, V0468572Cathedral Gorge SP, V0468577aCathedral Gorge SP, Water Tower0468551Cathedral Gorge SP0468368aCathedral Gorge SP0468374aCathedral Gorge SP0468380

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