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Badlands is the barren eroded terrain with interesting rock formations. Great terrain for prairie dogs and rattlesnakes.
Badlands NP0824832Badlands NP0824833Badlands NP, Bighorn Sheep V0824721Badlands NP, Bighorn Sheep0824727Badlands NP, Bighorn Sheep0824730Badlands NP, Yellow Mounds Ovrlk0824803Badlands NP, Yellow Mounds0824779Badlands NP, Conata Basin Ovrlk0824806Badlands NP, Hay Butte Ovrlk0824662Badlands NP, Lightning0824554aBadlands NP, Prairie Dog V0824505aBadlands NP, Prairie Dog0824507aBadlands NP, Rabbit0824510Badlands NP, Sunset0824512aBadlands NP, Sunset0824844Badlands NP, Sunset0824852Badlands NP, Window Tr V0824621Badlands NP, Window Tr, Flower0824626Badlands NP0824578Badlands NP0824764

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