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Pammukale is the site of an ancient Greek city and temple that were situated on top of some hot springs with interesting travertine formations and terraces. Today, people can bathe in the effervescent hot springs and stub their toes on ancient columns and artifacts.
Pammukale, Sunset S -2774Pammukale, Travertine Terraces S -9555Pammukale, Travertine Terraces, Sunset S -9557Pammukale, Mineral Hot Springs, Roman Ruins S -9552Pammukale, Travertine Terraces S -9556Pammukale, Hierapolis, Theater S -9550Pammukale, Hierapolis, Theater, Boys S -9551Pammukale, Mineral Hot Springs, Water Channel S V-9553Pammukale, Travertine Terraces S -9554Pammukele, Travertine Terraces S -2904

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