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Roxborough State Park, south of Denver, features interesting rock formations similar to those at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, or the Flatirons to the north in Boulder.
Roxborough SP, Lyons Lookout0738156aRoxborough SP V0738280aRoxborough SP, Deer0738183aRoxborough SP, Lyons Lookout V0738159aRoxborough SP, Lyons Lookout0738171Roxborough SP, Lyons Lookout0738168aRoxborough SP0738234Roxborough SP0738248aRoxborough SP0738285Roxborough SP0738298aRoxborough SP0738343Roxborough SP0738366Roxborough SP0738363Roxborough SP V0738212Roxborough SP V0738228Roxborough SP V0738240Roxborough SP V0738272aRoxborough SP V0738331aRoxborough SP, Deer0738186aRoxborough SP, Deer0738188a

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