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Hart Square is a recreated log cabin village in Catawba County, North Carolina. This village is the project of Dr. Bob Hart, a physician in nearby Hickory, and his wife Becky. They have taken old structures from around western North Carolina and moved or reconstructed them on a parcel of land, recreating an old village, complete with furnishings and appropriate machinery. It is the largest collection of historic log buildings in the United States. Each year, on the last weekend of October, this site is open to the public as a fundraiser for the Catawba County Historical Association ( ). I had the good fortune to work with Dr. Hart at his clinic and was able to see this incredible project.
Hart Square, Deitz House0611706Hart Square, Country Store0688686Hart Square, Deitz House0689693Hart Square, Norwood House, Bob Hart0688588Hart Square, Walker Covered Br0611885aHart Square, Jones Cantilever Barn, Wagon0611771aHart Square, Chapel of Peace0688566Hart Square, Becky and Bob Hart V0688827Hart Square, Grist Mill0689627aHart Square, Barger Weaving House V0611796Hart Square, Barger Weaving House0611793Hart Square, Barger Weaving House0611797Hart Square, Barger Weaving House0611799Hart Square, Barger Weaving House0611801Hart Square, Barger Weaving House0611802Hart Square, Barger Weaving House0611805Hart Square, Bird Feeder0689580aHart Square, Blacksmith Shop V0688705Hart Square, Blacksmith Shop0688703Hart Square, Blacksmith Shop0688706a

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I enjoyed these photo's so much! Hart Square is so incredibly amazing & beautiful. I would Love to visit this village & be a part of it. Goodness gracious!.... well done Dr Bob & Becky Hart xxx
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