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Gyeongju is in the very southeast part of the country and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many archeological treasures, several of which are shown in other pages on this website. This gallery is of general images of the Gyeongiu area.
Gyeongju, Shrine, Mounds0833461Gyeongju, Store0620811Gyeongju, Balloon V0831844Gyeongju, Fields0620816aGyeongju, Market V0833487aGyeongju, Market, Octopus0831875Gyeongju, Mound0833445Gyeongju, Balloon V0831819Gyeongju, Biker0620721aGyeongju, Biker0620722aGyeongju, Bus Parking0833477Gyeongju, Bus Parking0833481Gyeongju, Driver in Truck0831817Gyeongju, Folk Dancing V0619422Gyeongju, Folk Dancing V0619429aGyeongju, Folk Dancing V0619430Gyeongju, Folk Dancing V0619431Gyeongju, Folk Dancing0619427Gyeongju, Folk Dancing0619440Gyeongju, Korea Flag0619498

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