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Minneapolis is a very progressive and liveable city, with a lot of cultural activites and outdoor activities available year-round. Most of the downtown buildings are connected by closed-in passageways so you can travel all over downtown without ever going outside - especially convenient in the winter or when it rains.
Minneapolis, Minnehaha Falls06111236aBloomington, Mall of America, Ride0462142aBloomington, Mall of America, Superman0462149aBloomington, Mall of America020324-4429Minneapolis, Fort Snelling Nat Cemetery0462106Minneapolis, Fort Snelling Nat Cemetery0462110aMinneapolis, Fort Snelling Nat Cemetery0462130Minneapolis, Fort Snelling0462084aMinneapolis, Fort Snelling0462086Minneapolis, Mississippi R, Dam0461912Minneapolis, Stevens House0611257aMinneapolis, Weisman Art Museum0461979Minneapolis, Weisman Art Museum0461991Bloomington, Mall of America, Camp Snoopy020324-4395Bloomington, Chevy's0462137Bloomington, Mall of America, Alpaca Store0462156aBloomington, Mall of America, Girl020324-4399Bloomington, Mall of America, Leggos020324-4416Bloomington, Mall of America, Legos0462147aBloomington, Mall of America, Prizes020324-4401

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Marty Vega(non-registered)
I wish I'd thought to take aerial photos when we went there. I didn't know they had underground passageways in Minneapolis, they also have them in Rochester, around the Mayo Clinic. The Mall is incredible.
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