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This is the heartland of America and the land where my mother grew up. Many of us from the coastal areas think of Nebraska as very flat, and it is when you drive the Great Platte River Road, but portions of Nebraska have some beautiful rolling hills, such as in this area in the very northeast part of the state.
Hartington, Tree112-0501Crofton, Farmland0824397Crofton, Horses0576966aDixon, nr, Countryside112-0182Fordyce, Cows0576736aFordyce, Hay Rolls0576689aFordyce, St John Ch V0576672Fordyce, St John Ch, Rosaries0576675Fordyce, Windmill112-0497Crofton, Clothesline-0187Gavins Point Dam112-0207Crofton, Bison V0576976aCrofton, Bison0576974aGavins Point Dam112-0204Hartington, Car, Flower Pots0576753aHartington, County Courthouse112-0515Hartington, Horses112-0528Northeast NE, Barn0576597aNortheast NE, Windmill0576604aBow Valley, Church V112-0493

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