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The Natchez Trace Parkway is a specially built road that goes from south of Nashville, Tennessee to Natchez, Mississippi, traveling mostly through unspoiled countryside, much like the Blue Ridge Parkway in the east. Much of it follows a historic route used by early settlers.
NTP Swamp132-3257NTP Swamp132-3261NTP Swamp132-3272NTP Swamp132-3278NTP, Emerald Mound134-3411NTP, Horse nr Magnum Mound133-3377NTP, Magnum Mound133-3374NTP, Mt Locust Inn134-3406NTP, nr Magnum Grove133-3368NTP, Ross Barnett Reservoir133-3318NTP, Sunken Trace133-3383NTP, Swamp132-3283NTP, Swamp132-3284NTP, Swamp132-3289Port Gibson, Mural133-3391aPort Gibson, Sign133-3396Port Gibson, Town Hall133-3387

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