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These are some miscellaneous images from various parts of the state not covered in other galleries on this site.
Hill City, Downtown0825231Interior, Bison0824886Interior, Church V0824577Interior, Old Jail0824572Interior, Sign0824574Minuteman Missile NHS, Missile0824632Minuteman Missile NHS, Missile0824634Minuteman Missile NHS, Truck, Interior0824641Minuteman Missile NHS, Truck0824627Minuteman Missile NHS0824630Missouri R, f I-90 Rest Stop0824481Mitchell, Corn Palace0824468Mitchell, Corn Palace0824469Mitchell, Corn Palace0824473Mitchell, Corn Palace0824476Mitchell, Corn Palace0824477Wall, Drug Store0824645Wall, Drug Store0824647Wall, Grain Towers0824643Yankton, Gavins Point Dam112-0216

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