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Taos Pueblo has been continuously inhabited for over a thousand years. It is very scenic, though there is an admission charge to see the pueblo and some of it is off limits to photography.
Taos Pueblo, Cemetery030719-5131Taos Pueblo Cemetery, BWTaos Pueblo, Ovens030719-5255Taos Pueblo, Oven, V030719-5209Taos Pueblo, Ovens030719-5214Taos Pueblo, Cemetery030719-5127Taos Pueblo, San Geronimo Chapel, Crosses030719-5154aTaos Pueblo, San Geronimo Chapel, Crosses030719-5298Taos Pueblo, San Geronimo Chapel030719-5149aTaos Pueblo030719-5171Taos Pueblo030719-5189Taos Pueblo, Cemetery030719-5130Taos Pueblo, Cemetery030719-5291Taos Pueblo, Door, V030719-5207Taos Pueblo, Forest Fire030719-5242Taos Pueblo, Ovens030719-5257Taos Pueblo, Pottery Shop, Screen030719-5327Taos Pueblo, San Geronimo Chapel030719-5145aTaos Pueblo, San Geronimo Chapel030719-5148aTaos Pueblo, San Geronimo Chapel030719-5307

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