These are some images from the very southwest corner of the state, perhaps the most varied and beautiful area in Colorado.
Cortez, Carnival1117895Durango Silverton RR V131-4802Cortez, Ute Mtn Roundup Rodeo, Bull Riding1117863aCortez, Ute Mtn Roundup Rodeo, Bull Riding1117873aCortez, Fire Hydrant V1119664aDolores, Escalante Pueblo030705-3830Dolores, Galloping Goose1117902Hesperus, nr, Rt 160 Barn1011862Mancos, Horse1011881Mancos, Ranch1011871Durango, Boarded Window V131-4797Durango, Main St Block131-4799Cortez, Folk Art S -4768Mancos, Mancos Days, Pool Balls S -4776Mancos, Horse on Street S -4789Cortez, Fire Hydrant V1119665aCortez, McElmo Canyon, Bison1119424aCortez, Ute Mtn Roundup Rodeo, Bull Riding1117844aCortez, Ute Mtn Roundup Rodeo, Bull Riding1117845aCortez, Ute Mtn Roundup Rodeo, Bull Riding1117852a

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