Telluride is an old mining town that struck it rich with tourism. It is a world-class ski resort and famous for its international movie festival. The town is surrounded by incredible four-wheel drive trails, though unfortunately I have not had access to those types of vehicles.
Telluride, Fall Foliage131-8448Telluride, Fall Foliage131-8459Telluride, Fall Foliage131-8462Telluride, Main St1118054aTelluride, Main St1118084aTelluride, Oar Lift V1118091aTelluride, Main St, Old Folks1118049aTelluride, Main St1118032aTelluride, Waterfall V1118020aTelluride1117987aTelluride1118072Telluride V1117998aTelluride, Horse and Carriage V1118024aTelluride, Horse and Carriage1118029aTelluride, Bldg, Flowers1118060aTelluride, Court House1118059Telluride, Eagle Riding Ski Lift1117993aTelluride, Festival Banner, Waterfall V1118087aTelluride, Flowers, Hillside1118085aMountain Village, Roofs1118100

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