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The Blue Ridge Parkway is a national road that connects the Great Smokey Mountains National Park to the south and Shenandoah National Park to the north. It was designed with the purpose of being a scenic and historic highway, rather than a thoroughfare. There is minimal development the entire way and it meanders through the countrysides of Virginia and North Carolina avoiding any cities or towns along the way. Numbers on the image titles refer to the nearest mileage posts.
BRP003 Afton Overlook021026-9109BRP006 Humpback Rocks VC021026-9120BRP006 Humpback Rocks, Cabin021026-9121BRP006 Humpback Rocks, Cabin021026-9127BRP006 Humpback Rocks, Cabin021026-9128BRP006 Humpback Rocks021026-9124BRP010 Greenstone Overlook021026-9132BRP011 Rock Point Overlook021026-9142BRP011 Rock Point Overlook021026-9143BRP015 Love Gap021026-9156BRP015 Love Gap021026-9157BRP015 Love Gap021026-9159BRP019 20 Min Cliff0121026-9164BRP019 20 Min Cliff021026-9165BRP024 Barn021026-9174BRP024 Hill021026-9169BRP064 James R021026-9183aBRP064 James R021026-9187aBRP064 James R021026-9192aBRP084 Pks of Otter, Deer021026-9197a

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