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Albany is the capital of the state of New York.
Albany, Empire State Plaza, Egg0573066Albany, Empire State Plaza, Egg0573077aAlbany, Empire State Plaza, Fountain0573097aAlbany, Empire State Plaza, V0573059aAlbany, Empire State Plaza0573052aAlbany, State Capitol0573040aAlbany, State Capitol0573088aAlbany, State Museum0573083aAlbany, City Hall Flowers0573131aAlbany, City Hall Flowers0573135aAlbany, City Hall Sidewalk Painting0573134aAlbany, Empire State Plaza, Sculpture0573079aAlbany, Empire State Plaza, V0573093Albany, Empire State Plaza, V0573098aAlbany, Firefighters Memorial, V0573068aAlbany, Gen Schuyler Statue0573124aAlbany, Sinclair Lewis Statue V0573123aAlbany, State Capitol Grounds, Flower0573109aAlbany, State Capitol Grounds, Statue0573116aAlbany, State Capitol, Figurehead V0573061a

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