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Seattle is the largest city in Washington. It has a beautiful setting on Puget Sound.
Seattle, Experience Music Project0817347Seattle, Monorail, Space Needle0817345Seattle, Pike Place Market ,Fish0817372Seattle, Pike Place Market V0817375Seattle, Pike Place Market V0817379Seattle, Pike Place Market, Cherries0817381Seattle, Pike Place Market, Cherries0817383Seattle, Pike Place Market0817366Seattle, Pike Place Market0817367Seattle, Pike Place Market0817369Seattle, Pike Place Market0817378Seattle, Pike Place Market0817387Seattle, Pike Place Market0817388Seattle, Pike Place Market0817392Seattle, Pike Place Market0817394Seattle, Sci Fi Mus and Hall of Fame0817349Seattle, Space Needle V0817316Seattle, Space Needle V0817319Seattle, Space Needle V0817321Seattle, Space Needle V0817328

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