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This page features several interesting locations in the southeast portion of Utah. There are some pictures from outside of Monument Valley, a Navajo Tribal Park which is in both Utah and Arizona, but rather than split up the park on my site, I have included it in the Arizona section of this website.
Hovenweep NM, nr, Windmill, Horses S -4224Bluff, Bluff Fort, Covered Wagon1013057Bluff, Bluff Fort, Covered Wagon1013064Goosenecks SP1012955Goosenecks SP1012965Goosenecks SP1012966aMoki Dugway, View1012992Moki Dugway, View1013003Moki Dugway1013041Toward Monument Valley1012890aToward Monument Valley1012879Toward Monument Valley1012910Toward Monument Valley1012920Rt 191, Wilson Arch V0828205Rt 191, Wilson Arch0828196Rt 191, Wilson Arch0828197Rt 191, Wilson Arch0828198Rt 191, Wilson Arch0828199Rt 191, Wilson Arch0828206Bluff, Bluff Fort, Barton Cabin1013046

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