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Colorado Springs is located about an hour or so south of Denver along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. It is home to the US Air Force Academy, the US Olympic Committee, numerous religious groups, and the Garden of the Gods. Some of these are featured on other pages on this website.
Colorado Springs, Broadmoor Hotel0738502Colorado Springs, Church V1054414Colorado Springs, Downtown0737886Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak0737828aColorado Springs, ProRodeo Hall of Fame, Statue0746129Colorado Springs, US Olympic Training Ctr V0746338Colorado Springs, US Olympic Training Ctr V0746343Colorado Springs, Will Rogers Shrine V0740983Colorado Springs, Will Rogers Shrine, View0740977Colorado Springs, Zoo, Girl and Gorilla0740943bColorado Springs, Zoo Gorilla V0740948Colorado Springs, Zoo, Giraffe Feeding0740782Colorado Springs, Zoo, Giraffe0740804aColorado Springs, Zoo, Meerkat0740847Colorado Springs, Zoo, Mtn Goat0740919Colorado Springs, Zoo, Mtn Goat0740923aOld Colorado City, Bancroft Park, Cabin1054526Old Colorado City, Garage1054508Colorado Springs, Broadmoor Hotel V0738510Colorado Springs, Broadmoor Hotel V0738498

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