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Portland is the largest city in Maine and lies right on the Atlantic Coast. The harbor is protected by the Casco Bay Islands.
Portland, Downtown Street121-1518Portland, Downtown Street121-1521Portland, Civil War Memorial121-1515Portland, Waterfront Bldgs121-1528Portland, Fishing Boats121-1535Portland, Lobster Traps121-1537Portland, House Island, Fort Scammel121-1563Portland, Casco Bay, Little Diamond Is, Workers121-1569Portland, Casco Bay, Little Diamond Is, Dog121-1572Portland, Casco Bay, Great Diamond Is, Dock Ruins121-1581Portland, Casco Bay, Long Island121-1594Portland, Casco Bay, Cliff Island, Dock121-1603Portland, Casco Bay, Great Chebeague Island, Boat121-1636Portland, Casco Bay, Boat121-1638Portland, Casco Bay, Windjammer121-1645Portland, Casco Bay, Windjammer121-1647Portland, Waterfront, Sailboat V121-1654Portland, Casco Bay, Cliff Island, Dock121-1622Portland, Casco Bay, Great Chebeague Island, Dock121-1631Portland, Transportation Center121-1512

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