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White Island, Storm150-8034Star Island, Oceanic Hotel, Window, Storm150-8043Star Island, Oceanic Hotel, Deck, Chairs150-8040Star Island, Oceanic Hotel, Dinner Bell, Storm V150-8036Star Island, Storm150-8051Star Island, Storm150-8057Star Island, Storm150-8060Star Island, Storm150-8081Star Island, Storm150-8094Star Island, Window V150-8001Star Island, Window150-8002Star Island, Window150-8003Star Island, Oceanic Hotel, Deck, Chairs150-8005Star Island, Harbor150-8006Star Island, Oceanic Hotel, Deck, Chairs150-8007Star Island, Clothesline150-8012White Island, Storm150-8013White Island, Storm150-8014White Island, Storm150-8015Star Island, Storm150-8017

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M J Vega
LOVE the storm photos! I hope your raincoat was working!
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