I went to college at the University of Colorado in Boulder. It was a great place to go to school. The campus has changed a lot, but fortunately kept to its architectural theme, remaining one of the nicest campuses in the country. Boulder itself is famous for its progressiveness, liberalism, outdoorsiness, high prices, and now even its congestion.
Boulder, Courthouse0745830Boulder, CU, Bridge0828401Boulder, CU, Humanities Bldg0738071Boulder, CU, Norlin Library0745875Boulder, CU, Norlin Quad, War Protest Memorial0745865Boulder, Pearl St Mall0745823Boulder, Courthouse V0745834Boulder, CU, ATLASBldg0738055Boulder, CU, Bldg0738052Boulder, CU, Bridge0828404Boulder, CU, Business Bldg0738047Boulder, CU, Chem Bldg V0738080Boulder, CU, Chemistry Bldg, Statue V0828411Boulder, CU, Farrand Hall0738050Boulder, CU, Folsum Stadium0745850Boulder, CU, Folsum Stadium0745851Boulder, CU, Humanities Bldg V0738069Boulder, CU, Humanities Bldg0738065Boulder, CU, Norlin Lib0738059Boulder, CU, Norlin Library Sundial V0745857

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