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These are some images from the north coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. Most are from Akaka Falls. I was only 'passing thru', so only had part of a day to explore there and visit some great friends.
Akaka Falls SP, Akaka Falls121-1006Akaka Falls SP, Akaka Falls V121-1005Akaka Falls SP, Akaka Falls V121-1001Waipio, Cliffs121-1029Akaka Falls SP, Kahuna Falls V121-0981Akaka Falls SP, Tree121-0994Waipio, Cliffs121-1039Akaka Falls SP, Stream V121-0977Akaka Falls SP, Stream121-0978Akaka Falls SP, Kahuna Falls V121-0985Akaka Falls SP, Kahuna Falls V121-0987Akaka Falls SP, Tree V121-0988Akaka Falls SP, Tree121-0989Akaka Falls SP, Tree121-0990Akaka Falls SP, Tree V121-0993Akaka Falls SP, Akaka Falls121-1003Akaka Falls SP, Akaka Falls V121-1008Akaka Falls SP, Akaka Falls V121-1011Akaka Falls SP, Stream V121-1019Akaka Falls SP, Stream V121-1021

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