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Bangkok is a large metropolis but has some special places to see within the mass conglomeration of people. It is also one of the world's hottest cities, as I can attest to.
Bangkok, Lizard V121-3662Bangkok, Lizard121-3665Bangkok, Phra Sumen Fort121-3667Bangkok, Mae Nam Chao Phraya, Bridge121-3670Bangkok, National Museum121-3671Bangkok, National Museum121-3673Bangkok, Wat Sitaram, Kick Boxing Ring121-3675Bangkok, Wat Sitaram, Buddha V121-3676Bangkok, Wat Sitaram, Reclining Buddha121-3678Bangkok, Wat Sitaram, Reclining Buddha V121-3679Bangkok, Wat Sitaram, Reclining Buddha121-3680Bangkok, Wat Sitaram, Buddha V121-3681Bangkok, Wat Sitaram, Waving Buddha121-3684Bangkok, Wat Sitaram, Gravestone Plaques121-3685Bangkok, Wat Sitaram, Buddha V121-3686Bangkok, Wat Sitaram, 4 Headed Figure V121-3687Bangkok, Wat Sitaram, 4 Headed Figure121-3688Bangkok, Street Vendor121-3691Bangkok, Tuk Tuk Driver121-3692Bangkok, Tuk Tuk Driver121-3693

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