South Park is a broad mostly flat expanse of land surrounded by the Rocky Mountains in central Colorado. A lot of ranching goes on here. Most of these are winter shots.
South Park, Telephone Poles1011564South Park, Bridge1010748aSouth Park, Bison1011600Fairplay, South Park City1011521Hartsel, Barn1010736South Park, Antelope1011631aSouth Park, Antelope1011644aSouth Park, Bison1010678South Park, Bison1010684South Park, Bison1010692South Park, Car1010711South Park, f Wilkerson Pass1010657aSouth Park, Ranch1011549aBuena Vista, Cottonwood Pass Rd, Outdoor Theater1010836Fairplay, Library1011514aFairplay, South Park City, Bldg V1011531Fairplay, South Park City1011517Fairplay, South Park City1011519aFairplay, South Park City1011527Hartsel, Barn1010735

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