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Like many places I visit, the magic seemed to be in the countryside. I was there during the Holi celebration, where people throw red dye at everyone else. Threre is no escaping it. Makes for a colorful celebration.
Man, Holi030318-6802aMen, Holi030318-6801Bikes w Yarn, f Jeep030325-8185aCart, f Jeep030318-6796aCart, f Jeep030318-6798aCow Patty Igloo, f Jeep030325-8153asDyed Yarn, f Jeep030325-8178aDyed Yarn, f Jeep030325-8179Fieldworkers, f Bus030322-7550asFieldworkers, f Bus030322-7553asGas Truck, f Jeep030325-8183aMan and Buffalo in Water, f Jeep030324-7931aMan, Holi, f Jeep030318-6789aMan, Holi, on Train030318-6782Men, Holi, f Jeep030318-6786aMen, Holi, f Jeep030318-6788aMen, Holi, f Train030318-6778aMen, Holi, f Train030318-6779aMusic Trucks, f Jeep030325-8174aPlowing Field, f Bus030322-7530a

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