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Olympic NP, Rialto Beach, Deer S -4147Fort Casey, Admiralty Lighthouse0470788aLa Conner, Tulip Field S -2816Mt Adams, Yakima Reservation, Log S V-2884Mt St Helens NM, Coldwater Ridge S -2948La Push, Coast021222-0389aMukilteo, Lighthouse, V0470764Olympic National Park, Family in Water FSTacoma, Glass Museum021231-0468Puyallup Fair, Mexican Dancers0470747aCoupeville, Saratoga Passage, V0470792Kingston, Birds on Fence021229-0417aLa Push, Boats021222-0393aLa Push, Boats021222-0400aLa Push, Seastack021222-0387aLangley, Trees021221-0313Mukilteo, Ferry, Screen Shadow, V0470781aMukilteo, Ferry, V0470794aMukilteo, Lighthouse021221-0312aMukilteo, Picture Taking0470771

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