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These are some images from along the northern coast of California.
Trinidad, Memorial Lighthouse130-5768Trinidad, College Cove130-5773Trinidad, College Cove130-5775Trinidad, College Cove130-5780Trinidad, College Cove130-5781Trinidad, College Cove130-5783Trinidad, College Cove130-5784Trinidad, College Cove130-5785Ferndale130-5839Ferndale130-5840Ferndale130-5842North Coast, Rt 101, View130-5889North Coast, Rt 101, View130-5891Ave of the Giants, Founders Grove V140-9611Ave of the Giants, Founders Grove140-9612Ave of the Giants, Founders Grove V140-9613Ave of the Giants, Founders Grove140-9615Ave of the Giants, Founders Grove140-9616Ave of the Giants, Founders Grove140-9618

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