Aspen is a beautiful town and area in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. It is also very expensive and elitest. Great skiing. Nearby are the famous Maroon Bells, pictured here.
Aspen, Maroon Bells0741384Aspen, Maroon Bells0741397Aspen, Maroon Bells0741223Aspen, Maroon Bells V0741230Aspen, Maroon Bells V0741298Aspen, Maroon Bells V0741422Aspen, Maroon Bells V0741441Aspen, Maroon Bells0741264aMt Sopris0741521Mt Sopris0741536Aspen, Maroon Creek Rd, Aspens0741365Aspen, Maroon Bells V0741225Aspen, Maroon Bells V0741213Aspen, Maroon Bells V0741356Aspen, Maroon Bells V0741400Aspen, Maroon Bells V0741445Aspen, Maroon Bells0741287aAspen, Maroon Bells0741292Aspen, Maroon Bells0741308Aspen, Maroon Bells0741311

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