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Orcas Island is the largest of the San Juan Islands, located in the Salish Sea between the US and Canada. It is shaped like a horseshoe, and the name does not come from the marine animal but was named after the financier of an early exploration to this area.
Orcas Is, Crow Valley Rd, Farm121-2932Orcas Is, Deer Harbor121-3380Orcas Is, North Beach, Mt Baker121-3438Orcas Is, Crow Valley Rd, Farm121-3306Orcas Is, West Sound121-3323Orcas Is, West Sound, US Flag V121-3327Orcas Is, Doe Bay Resort, Sailboat121-3191Orcas Is, West Sound121-3331Orcas Is, West Sound V121-3433Orcas Is, Orcas, Ferry Terminal, Dog121-3013Orcas Is, East Sound, Flowers121-3115Orcas Is, West Sound121-3342Orcas Is, Deer Harbor121-3360Orcas Is, Deer Harbor, Flowers121-3370Orcas Is, Deer Harbor, Autumn Trees121-3387Orcas Is, Mt Constitution, t Mt Baker121-3214Orcas Is, West Sound121-3404Orcas Is, West Sound, Flowers, Driftwood V121-3421Orcas Is, Turtle Head Hike, Pan H121-3256Orcas Is, Turtle Head Hike, Hiker and Dog V121-3279

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Hi Bill, The pictures are awesome! Hard to imagine why anyone would want to live anywhere else, eh? Thanks so much for celebrating our island this way! Alison
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