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The Pribilofs are a birder's paradise with many interesting species of birds, and a great opportunity to get up quite close to the Horned and Tufted Puffins. These images are all from St George Island, and more can be seen on the Pribilofs - St Paul Island page. More of St George Island can be seen on the Pribilofs - St George Island, Scenery, and Pribilofs - St George Island, Wildlife pages on this website.
St George, Horned Puffins0579206bSt George, Horned Puffin0578820aSt George, Horned Puffin0579080bSt George, Horned Puffin0579096St George, Horned Puffin0579158St George, Horned Puffin0579421St George, Horned Puffins0579975aSt George, Tufted Puffin,Too Late V0579062aSt George, Tufted Puffin0579046aSt George, Tufted Puffin0579048bSt George, Tufted Puffin0579229aSt George, Tufted Puffin0579250bSt George, Tufted Puffin0579259aSt George, Tufted Puffin0579582aSt George, Tufted Puffin0579583aSt George, Tufted Puffin0579592St George, Tufted Puffin0579613St George, Tufted Puffin0579616aSt George, Tufted Puffins V0579559St George, Tufted Puffins, Flying0580152b

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